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TEHU.xyz is committed to protecting the privacy of our visitors.

This is a description of the information we receive and collect when you visit TEHU.xyz. This also explains how we store and manage that information. We will not give that information to any third party.

Log Files

We collect data from log files, just like many websites. Log files contain the following information: IP (Internet Protocol Address), ISP (Internet Service Provider), browser used, time spent on site, pages viewed, and the date.

About Cookies

Cookies are used to store information on our site, including information about visitors' personal preferences when they visit it. You can also save your login information to our site.

TEHU.xyz may also use third-party advertisements to help ensure the site's sustainability. Cookies may be used by some ad publishers to display advertisements on our site. This sends advertisers (such Google through Adsense) information like your IP address, Internet Servide Provider, and the internet browser that you use.

This can be used to target ads based upon location (such a showing property ads in Jakarta) or display appropriate ads based upon the sites you've visited (such displaying gadget ads for people who frequent gadget sites). .

You have the option to disable cookies by changing the settings of your browser or in programs like Norton Internet Security. This may impact your interaction with our site and other sites. This includes logging in to our services such as the forum or an existing account.

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