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What Kind of Material Is Spandex?

Many people have wondered, "What kind of material is spandex?" The material is made of a blend of polyester and nylon. Polymerized nylon is highly resistant to abrasion and heat, so it's a great material for sports wear. Polyester is less resilient, so it needs special dying processes to create a variety of colors. Unlike cotton, spandex doesn't fade.

The material is produced by twisting strands of nylon fiber together. The fibers are spun into solid strands and bundled to the desired thickness. These strands are then twisted together using compressed air. Because the material is made up of thousands of tiny individual fibers, it is very sticky. That means that the fibers will stick together. This is why spandex is so popular in athletic clothing.


The main use of spandex is as fabric. The material is used in sportswear, active wear, men's clothing, bed linens, shoes, and more. Even medical applications use the material. Because of its durability and flexibility, spandex is in high demand worldwide. In the United States, it makes up over 80% of the fabric sold. The demand for spandex is predicted to grow by 6 percent per year by 2017.

The material is most commonly used in sportswear. This type of athletic clothing requires close-fitting clothing that rides close to the body. This fabric is also found in swimwear, cycling apparel, and team sports apparel. The material is sometimes used in industrial settings, like in motion capture suits for the film industry. This is a great way to capture the movement of actors and actresses, making 3D characters easier to render.

The fabric is widely used in the apparel industry, but it's also useful in industries such as hospitals and industrial companies. It's used primarily in garments where comfort is important. Some of its common uses include swimming suits, undergarments, workout clothes, surgical hose, and specialized clothing. It's also extremely versatile, making it a great choice for all types of garments. It can be woven, or stapled.

The material is synthetic, and it is made from a mixture of elastane and polyurethane. Its elasticity is unique to the material. In this case, it has an advantage over natural rubber. In addition to its elastic properties, spandex is also available in high-tech fabrics. Its high-tech properties make it popular in the garment industry. But despite its popularity, it is not known for its health benefits.

The first step in making spandex is making the prepolymer. A mixture of diisocyanate monomer and macroglycol is mixed under the right conditions. The polymer then expands and contracts, forming a fabric with various characteristics. However, the material is not as strong as rubber, which is why it can stretch to 500% and more. A high percentage of the material is a good indicator of its durability and flexibility.


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