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What Number of Layers of Earth were removed during the Flood?

Scientists are still trying to figure out the amount of earth layers destroyed in the Flood. The flood washed away large amount of sediments from the interiors of continents for a several thousand years. The flood destroyed a huge amount of earth's strata. This record of sedimentary sediment is a record of the destruction of both plants and animals during the Flood. This fossil record can be examined to prove that Earth's strata were removed after the cataclysm.

In spite of the absence of evidence experts from the field of floodology say a massive flood event caused the earth's surface to deform into a flatand distorted condition. The water destroyed dinosaurs and left earth's surface in a layered, spongy condition. Researchers argue that sedimentary strata are not created in the Flood and not over a period of decades. 

The Flood must have flooded the floor of the ocean if it was possible to wipe out the dinosaurs. It is known that the Earth was flat and flat. However, there must have been layers of sediment in the. It's impossible to locate the ocean floor prior to Flood today. The ocean floor had to circulate back to the earth's interior prior to the Flood. If the Earth was flat, how did the sedimentary layers fit in?

Geochronology may be utilized to determine the time of the sediments, fossils and rocks. Geochronology may be utilized to calculate the Earth's total age. This analysis shows how the Earth has a lifespan of 4.54 billion years old. This means that the Flood geology is wrong. The geologic record determines Earth's precise age. Actually, the Earth was around 4.5 billion years old prior to the Flood. The layers of the Earth did not form overnight. They were laid down over thousands of thousands of years.

According to scientists who studied the Flood The Flood altered the Earth's climate. It could have affected weather, since there was evidence that Earth was frozen at times. A portion of Earth may have been frozen, while other areas may have experienced snow. Additionally it is possible that the Flood is causing a major change in the Earth's chemistry. Climate is directly affected through the chemical reaction that occurs between the waters and the sediments.

The study of flood geology is based upon scientific research. By using a computer model it is possible to estimate how many layers of earth have been removed during a single flood. For example in the Jurassic carbonate hardground of the Middle East shows generations of oysters, as well as massive bioerosion. These findings support the hypothesis that the Earth was exposed to the elements for millions of years. The theory behind this theory states that the Earth is 4.54 billion year old.

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