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What Kind of Material Does Not Make Condensate?

What kind of material does not make condensation? In the case of oil, the material is petroleum. However, what kind of material doesn't? A gas processing plant produces condensate by removing it from the natural gas stream. This liquid is made up of naphtha and NGLs, which are liquid hydrocarbons with APIs ranging from 45 to 70. It may be blended with heavier crude streams and sent to a refinery.


The liquid from condensing boilers contains different types of acid. The concentrations of these acids increase with repeated evaporation and condensation. The concentration of these acids can damage drainage pipes. The pH scale is not linear, but each whole number lower than seven is 10 times more acidic than the next higher number. Therefore, the condensate should be neutral, or at least pH 5, so that it can be easily collected and properly disposed.

While there are many kinds of materials that can be used for drainage, the condensate from a natural gas or propane appliance is the most likely to cause corrosion. The acidity level is not high, but the concentration is high enough to damage drainage pipes. Fortunately, it's not hazardous to drain the liquid because it's diluted. Because it's so acidic, a small amount can be discharged into a drainage line. Luckily, there are a few ways to properly handle this issue.

If the condensate is left untreated, the acids can corrode the drainage pipes. The concentrations of acid in condensate can be as high as four parts per million (PH) or even higher. This can lead to problems for your drain systems and lead to costly repairs. That's why you need to have the condensate treated before allowing it to enter a drainage system.

There are several types of acidic liquids in condensate. The first type, acidic, is very damaging to drainage pipes. It should be neutral in pH, and it should not contain more than five. The third type is more acidic. While it has no acidic effect on metals, it can damage other materials. The pH of water in a residential unit is 3.5.

There are many types of condensate. The acidic material has a high pH value and could cause a serious corrosive impact on drainage pipes. In some cases, the condensate may contain large amounts of carbonic acid. It is therefore necessary to neutralize condensate before allowing it to enter a drainage system. In addition to that, a septic system must be able to filter condensate so that it does not damage the piping.

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