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What can I do to Tell Which Kind of Stone I Have

 To determine what kind of stone you have, the first step is to note the general color that the stone has. The color of the entire structure of the stone must be as exact as you can. This GIA color wheel has 31 shades. The saturation level is important for determining what kind of stone you're working with. If you can see the color that the stone has, apply the system of grading to identify the kind of stone.

The GIA describes colored stones according to their tone. The GIA utilizes seven different levels to describe their color. The GIA describes the most light and dark tones as neutral, while those with the highest and lowest shades are described as dull. Then there are two shades of gray. They are known as sapphires. The stone you choose to purchase will be sapphire if you can see the color blue in the charts of gradation.

The final stage to decide the type of stone is to determine the luster of the stone. The luster of gemstones can be defined as the quantity of light it radiates. There are seven kinds of luster that are available including luminescent, pearly and greasy. The correct tone will help distinguish the various types of stones. If you are determining the tone your gemstone, you should choose a piece of jewelry with the correct color and tone.

The strength of the color of gems is determined by the hue. The GIA provides seven hue levels. Sapphires and emeralds are the most light and intense shades. Also, you should be aware of the saturation levels in order to come up with a more accurate assessment. It will prevent you from making mistakes that could cause you to lose cash.

There are many methods to identify the type of stone i have. The color of the stone will aid in determining its kind. Color is defined by its hue. A stone's saturation is determined by the amount of light it is able to reflect. If the color of a stone is intense, it is sapphire. It's more likely to be a synthetic gem if the color appears dull or weak.

The GIA color scale is used to determine the stone's color. The GIA employs seven different tone levels to determine the color of stones. Sapphire is the lightest and emerald is the darkest. Next, you need to determine the tone of the stone. This will allow you to make an educated decision regarding the gem. You can check the shade of a stone by comparing it with its name and the color of a diamond.

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